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A00-A99 Reti, English, Bird, Polish, 1.Others
  Old indian, Benoni, Dutch, 1.Nf3
  Budapest, Volga, Trompowsky, 1.c4
  and others. 1.d4
B00-B99 Sicilian, Caro-Kann, Alekhine, 1.e4-(1...c5 / 1...c6 / 1...d5
  Scandinavian, Pirc, Robatsch, 1...d6/ 1...g6/ 1...Nc6)
  Nimzovich and others  
C00-C99 Ruy Lopez (Spanish), French, 1.e4-(1...e6 / 1...e5)
  King's gambit, Scotch, Petrov,  
  Philidor defense, Giuoco Piano  
  and others.  
D00-D99 Slav, Gruenfeld, Tarrasch, 1.d4-(1...d5; 2.c4 / 1...Nf6; 2.Bg5)
  Orthodox and others. 1.d4-(1...Nf6; 2.c4-g6; 3.Nc3)
E00-E99 King's-indian, Nimzo-indian, 1.d4-Nf6; 2.c4 (2...e6)
  Queen's Indian, Bogo-Indian, (2...Nf6)
  Catalan and others.  

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Chess Federations around the World

Chess is one of the oldest games that have ever existed and it is played by hundreds of people around the world. The game is so famous that people play it on national level and there are chess federations for most of the countries. Here is the list of some of the most famous chess federations around the world:

New Zealand Chess Federation

The New Zealand Chess Federation or the NZCF was formed in Dunedin back in September 1863 and its headquarters is located on Shortland Street in Auckland, New Zealand. The federation has annual championship that is held during Christmas time.

The members of the federation are:

·         Paul Spiller- President

·         Peter Stuart- Vice-president

·         Keong Ang- Secretary

·         Quentin Johnson- Treasurer

United States Chess Federation

The United States Chess Federation or the USCF was formed on December 27, 1939 in Illinois and its headquarters are located in Crossville, Tennessee. The USCF is the only governing body of the country that is responsible for chess competition in the country and is a member of FDIDE. The federation is responsible for placing sanctions, awarding national titles, taking care of the national rating system, and for publishing two important magazines, Chess Life for Kids and Chess Life. The federation has more than 85,000 members as of 2016.

The USCF is known for implementing the rating system for the chess players, where a numerical estimate of their strength is done based on their performance compared to other players.

A player can include a number of ratings and they include:

·         For correspondence games

·         For online games at different time controls

·         For over-the-board games at different time controls

The federation gives the following titles:

·         Life Master

·         Life Senior Master 

·         National Master

·         Original Life Master 

·         Senior Master 

The committee members of the federation are:

·         President- Gary Walters

·         Vice President- Randy Bauer

·         Executive Director- Jean Hoffman

French Chess Federation

The French Chess Federation is one of the most important federations of the country that has its headquarters near Paris in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. The federation was founded in 1933 and its important members are:

·         President- Diego Salazar

·         Vice-president- Christophe Leroy

·         Treasurer- Stéphane Reyreau.

German Chess Federation

The German Chess Federation also known as the Deutscher Schachbund (DSB) is one of the most the most important organization for chess players in Germany. It is a member if FIDA and has a whopping 90,000 members that function in more than 2,500 words, which makes it one of the largest national chess federations of the country. Some of the most important regional chess federation members are:

·         Chess Bundesliga

·         Die Schwalbe (chess composition society)

·         German Blind and Visually Impaired Chess Federation (DBSB)

·         German Correspondence Chess Federation (BdF)

Italian Chess Federation

The Italian Chess Federation is also known as the Federazione Scacchistica Italiana (FSI) and is a member of FIDE. According to a recent statistics, the FSI has 380 clubs, 856 instructors, 366 arbiters, and 14,184 members.   The administration of the federation consists of:

·         Board of Directors (10 members)

·         Board of Fiscal Directors (5 members)

·         Commission of Arbiters (5 members)

·         Commission of Justice and Discipline (14 members)

·         Office staff (3 members)

·         President

·         President Honoris

·         Presidential Commission (5 members)

Australian Chess Federation

The Australian Chess Federation or the ACF is a member of FIDE and has seven members, all of which are the state and territory chess associations. The committee is famous for its monthly news letter that publishes local as well as international news. Let’s have a look at some of the state and territory associations in the ACF.

·         Chess Victoria- This was initially founded as the Victorian Chess Association in 1938 and was then incorporated in 1983, after it got its current name.

·         Chess Association of Western Australia- This is located in the City of Perth and is for chess players that live in Western Australia.

·         New South Wales Chess Association- The association caters to people that live in New South Wales and was found back in 1900. The New South Wales Chess Association is also affiliated with the New South Wales Junior Chess League (NSWJCL), that are for children under 18 years if age.  

Chess Federation of Canada

The Chess Federation of Canada was founded as the Canadian Chess Association back in 1872 as the Canadian Chess Association. Its name was changed to Canadian Chess Federation (CCF) in 1932 and is represented by all the major cities of the country. Finally, the name was changed to its current form in 1945 in order to avoid confusion with the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. The federation is responsible for organizing national championship every two years and is recognized by FIDE. Other than this, it organizes the Canadian Operation in July and the Canadian Youth Chess Championships right before that.

Chess Scotland

The Chess Scotland was founded in the year 2001 after the Scottish Junior Chess Association (SJCA) and the Scottish Chess Association (SCA) were merged together. The Scottish Chess Association (SCA) was founded back in 1884, which makes it one of the oldest organizations in the world. The international Director of the federation is responsible for selecting the teams that represent the country in the Chess Olympiad.  The main objective of the organization is to promote the game amongst all chess players of the country. The organization is non-profit in nature and in the year 2009, it received a grant of £35,000. The current number of members is 5000, out of which 3000 are active and have played in official events.

The grandmasters of the association are:

·         Colin McNab

·         John Shaw

·         Jonathan Rowson

·         Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant

·         Matthew Turner

·         Paul Motwani

English Chess Federation

The English Chess Federation (ECF) is affiliated with FIDE and was founded in 2004. The ECF was a re-constitution of an old governing body that was founded in 1904 and was known as the British Chess Federation (BCF). In order to qualify for ECF, there are two ways.  You can become a member directly by giving a yearly fee, or you can become a member through the Membership Organization (MO). If the participants live in areas where there isn’t a local Membership Organization, they are not considered an ECF member but they have to pay a separate fee for the games played. All the officials that are a part of the ECF are elected annually.  Its main job is to select and finance the English teams for international team competitions like the European Team Chess Championship and the Chess Olympiad. The federation also publishes a newsletter known as Chess Moves.

Chinese Chess Association

The Chinese Chess Association also known as the CCA was founded in 1962 and was then made independent in 1986. It joined FIDE in 1975 and its headquarters are located in Beijing.  It is the governing body of chess of the country and is a member of the Asian Chess Federation. The main goal of the association is to make sure that chess is popular throughout the country and that China is represented on international forums. The association coordinates the activities of the club, trains the participants and finances the Chinese national team for the following: 

·         Asian Chess Games

·         Asian Indoor Games

·         Asian Team Chess Championships

·         Chess Olympiad

·         National chess summits

·         World Team Chess Championships

The national team consists of the following:

·         Coaches: Xu Jun, Yin Hao, and Yu Shaoteng

·         Deputy head coach: Zhang Weida

·         Deputy team manager: Li Wenliang

·         Head coach: Ye Jiangchuan

·         Team manager: Lin Feng

Argentine Chess Federation

The Argentine Chess federation is associated with the World Chess Federation and its headquarters are located in Buenos Aires. It was founded in the year 1928 and its current administrative body consists of:

·         Mario Petrucci- President

·         Raúl Bittel- Vice President

·         Juan Pablo Seminara- Second Vice President

·         Arthur Rongen- Secretary

·         Michiel Bosnan- Treasurer


Some of the important chess players of the country are:

·         Augusto de Muro, president of the Argentine Chess Federation

·         Herman Pilnik

·         Pablo Zarnicki

·         Raúl Bittel, vice president of the Argentine Chess Federation

Guyana Chess Federation

The Guyana Chess federation or the GCF is a national organization that was founded in Georgetown and connected all the chess players of the country. The federation is responsible for organizing the national chess championship and it is recognized by the FIDE.

The committee members of the federation are:

·         President - Irshad Mohamad

·         Secretary - Ronuel Greenidge

·         Tournament Director - Irshad Mohamad

·         Trainer - Wendell Meusa

·         Treasurer - George Vaughn

Chess Federation of Armenia

The Chess Federation of Armenia was founded in 1927 and its headquarters are located in Tigran Petrosian Chess House. It is affiliated with FIDE and is responsible for all the major tournaments of the country. The members of the federation are:

·         Chairman Emeritus – Vanik Zakaryan

·         First vice-president – Smbat Lputian

·         General Secretary – Gaguik Oganessian

·         President – Serzh Sargsyan

·         Vice-President – Ashot Vardapetyan

·         Vice-President – Gagik Gevorgyan

·         Vice-President – Hovik Khalikyan

·         Vice-President – Hrach Tavadian

·         Vice-President – Levon Eolyan

·         Vice-President – Yuri Arustamyan

·         Vice-President – Tigran Sargsyan

The committees of the federation are:

·         Audit committee

·         Chess board

·         Chess modern technology committee

·         Coaching (children's) board

·         Composition Committee

·         Mass work committee

·         Media commission

·         Qualification Commission

·         Ratings committee

·         Referees Committee

·         The ethics committee

·         Veterans Committee

·         Women's committee

Turkish Chess Federation

The Turkish Chess Federation also known as TSF is the leading chess organization of the country and its headquarters are located in Ulus, Ankara. It was founded in 1954 and joined FIDE in 1962. It was in 1991, that General Directorate of Youth and Sports was integrated with the TSF. The president since 2012 is Gülkız Tulay. The federation has been a part of the following competitions and international events:

·         34th Chess Olympiad

·         40th Chess Olympiad

·         Turkish Cadets' Chess Championship

·         Turkish Chess Championship

·         Turkish Chess Clubs Championship

·         Turkish Children's Chess Championship

·         Turkish Women's Chess Championship

·         Türkiye İş Bankası Chess League

·         Women's World Chess Championship 


Uganda Chess Federation

The Uganda Chess Federation is a member of FIDE and was found in 1972. In 1973, it became affiliated with National Council of Sports and became a member of FIDE in 1978. Before the federation’s formation chess was rarely played in the country and was not well known. The locals started taking interest in the game after the matches that took place in Kampala.

The UCF members are:

·         President- Vianney Luggya

·         Vice President- Robinah Olga Namwanje

·         Technical Director- Stephen KISUZE

Fiji Chess Federation

The Fiji Chess Federation is affiliated with FIDE. The decision to form the federation was taken in 1979, so that the country can be represented in international forums.  Some of the past presidents of the federation are:

·         Dr. Champak Rathod

·         Dr. David Jenkins

·         Dr. Virgilio De Asa

·         Dr. Virgilio De Asa

·         Surjeet Singh

The members of the federation are:

·         Assistant Secretary - Hilda Vukikomoala

·         General Secretary - Goru Arvind

·         President - Calvin Prasad

·         Vice President - Gloria Sukhu

·         Vice President - Menaka Fareed

Bulgarian Chess Federation

The Bulgarian Chess Federation is affiliated with ECU and FIDE. It was founded in 1928 and was known as Bulgarian Chess Union (BCU) at that point. The BCU was registered in 1931 and was then changed into the Bulgarian Chess Federation in 2001. It organized national championship events and its current president is Silvio Danailov.


Singapore Chess Federation

The Singapore Chess Federation was founded back in 1949 and organizes all chess related events in the country. A lot of people don’t know this, but Singapore has one of the highest numbers of chess players in the world. The current president of the federation is Ignatius Leong and it is affiliated with the following:

·         ASEAN Chess Confederation 

·         Asian Chess Federation

·         FIDE

Hong Kong Chess Federation

The Hong Kong Chess Federation, also known as HKCF was founded in 1960 and became a part if FIDE in 1961. The federation is a member of the International Correspondence Chess Federation and the Asian Chess Federation.

Azerbaijan Chess Federation

The Azerbaijan Chess Federation was founded in 1920 and is affiliated with FIDE. The committee of the federation includes:

•                          General Secretary – İbrahim Mammadov

•                          President – Dr. Elman Rustamov

•                          Vice-President – Mahir Mammadov

•                          Vice-president – Faiq Hasanov

Malaysian Chess Federation

The Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) takes care of all the chess events in Malaysia and is affiliated with FIDE, and ASEAN Chess Confederation.

Chess Federation of Zambia

The Chess Federation of Zambia organized all the chess events in Zambia. Its headquarters are in Lusaka and it is affiliated with World Chess Federation and African Chess Union. The members are:

•                          President: Ericho Nshikokola

•                          Secretary General: Chanda Nsakanya

•                          Tournaments director: Aaron Banda

•                          Vice president: Nase Lungu

Welsh Chess Union

The Welsh Chess Union was initially founded as the Union of Associations in Monmouthshire and South Wales back in 1954 and earlier on it was a part of the British Chest Federation. It became a member of FIDE and its main objective is to promote chess in Wales. The members of the union are

·         President-Bill Harle

·         Executive Director- Adrian Davies

All India Chess Federation

The All India Chess Federation also known as the AICF was founded in 1951. It is affiliated with FIDE and its headquarters are in Chennai. Its special units are:

·         Services Sports Control Board

·         Railway sports Promotion Board

·         Petroleum Sports Control Board

·         Ordnance Factory Board

·         LIC Sports Promotion Board

·         Indian Bank Central Sports Committee

·         Delhi Development Authority

·         Defence Accounts Sports Control Board

·         BSNL Sports and Cultural Board

·         All India Chess Federation for the Blind

·         Air India Sports Promotion Board

·         AAI Sports Control Board

Some of the events that it organizes are:

·         World Junior Championships

·         Commonwealth Chess Championship

·         Asian Team Championships

The president of the AICF is J C D Prabhakar and the secretary is V Hariharan.

Haitian Chess Federation

The Haitian Chess Federation was founded in 1985 and it is affiliated with FIDE and AIDEF. The headquarters of the federation is located in Port-au-Prince and federation members are:

·         President- Jean Lamothe

·         Vice-President- Gottfried Kräuchi

·         Treasurer- Jean Philippe Bonne Annee


National Chess Federation of the Philippines

The National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) is a member of FIDE and is the governing organization of the country. Some of the grandmasters that the NCFP has produced are:

·         Wesley So

·         Rogelio Antonio

·         Nelson Mariano II

·         Mark Paragua

·         Joseph Sanchez

·         Jayson Gonzales

·         Eugene Torre

·         Darwin Laylo

·         Bong Villamayor

Polish Chess Federation

The Polish Chess Federation (PZSzach) was founded on the 11th of April in 1926 in the city of Warsaw. It became a member of FIDE in 1927 and currently has more than 156 members who are elected every four years.

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